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Customer Brand   Measurement Dashboards
The customer brand measurement can evaluate different aspects of your brand. You can obtain results on various aspects that study your brand.

We can develop a customized dashboard based on the purchase funnel. We can build up a dashboard for your company showing the brand awareness, consideration, preference and purchase in comparison to the other competitors over time. We can study the drop outs at every stage and the reasons why they go to each of the competitors at that individual stage.

Another aspect of the brand measurement that we can assist you with is monitoring the social media. What we will do for you is measure the information in the social media with a selection of metrics and translate the results to you so that you are aware of what that means to your brand. Moreover, we will compare the results for your brand to what people are saying about the competitors’ brands. We provide customized solutions that directly reflect your company’s brand needs.

Another way to learn about the customer brand measurement is to compute the Net Promoter Score (NPS), loyalty to the brand, effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

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