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Integrated   Communications Analytics
Marketing Communications departments offer a wealth of information and customer insights but often find it difficult to integrate all of these insights with the market research department and or the market intelligence groupís insights. A number of deliverables exist but often are not triangulated to develop impactful insights. These include but are not limited to Customer Brand Measurement, Trade Show Information, Social Media, Competitive Landscape Analysis, vendor management spend to name a few.

We are experts in this arena have been providing proven people, process, tools and deliverables based on integrated comms information for several years. Whether you need to capture the full essence of customer insights and turn it into customer value creation or provide ROI investment of your comms programs to your senior management, we can help you put all of that together into short concise and C-Suite ready impact deliverables. Let Intelligence Pathways guide you in the development of the capability and provide back office service to your small department to do the work for you. All you have to do is deliver it!

Already have a good methodology but not the resources to deliver it? Then let us be your back office and support you in the development and dissemination of impactful insights. We work with you within your budget to build your integrated communications program with your requirements in mind and in help you identify customer value creation capabilities as the basis for all we do.

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