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By: Monica Angelova 06-Nov-2012

Competitive Intelligence – Then and Now

When it comes to world class competitive intelligence there are few companies that can enable it within organizations. In fact, many competitive intelligence professionals would falter if they have to provide a firm definition of what intelligence actually means. Part of the reason is that there has been a shift in the meaning of competitive intelligence and its integration and close tight to strategy and other operational functions.

What is competitive intelligence?

Traditional competitive intelligence focuses on gathering and synthesis of primary human intel triangulated against collected secondary information which typically results in concerns about ethics and legalities in the way information is collected.

What is the new face of competitive intelligence?

The shifting competitive intelligence is towards the synthesis of information coming out of:
1) business intelligence
2) customer insights
3) technical intelligence
4) economic intelligence
5) market intelligence

The market demands a shift in what the traditional competitive intelligence companies offers and what clients expect. The new competitiveintelligence is a core competency of all disciplines that support the ongoing strategy process. It is not surprising that even the former Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals has changed their name to Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP).

How to establish a valuable competitive intelligence program?

Intelligence Pathways is the ONLY company that has a full competency model for all aspects of intelligence, backed by proven intelligence processes, training and a full scale job competency model for all levels required from high level strategic to downstream field sales intelligence. We are focused on developing an organization that provides everything from on the ground sales support to C-suite ready analytic decision support tools that are based on competitive intelligence strategies and processes for early warning and future predictions.

Let us help you build your world class integrated organization. You can find our contact form HERE.

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