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By: Monica Angelova 13-Sep-2012

Companies have a lot of data collected by running primary surveys, buying expensive proprietary data reports, etc. that is unfortunately sitting on shelves and folders without being shared. No matter how small your organization is, data exchange gap eventually happens. I have seen it happen to an organization with approximately 50 employees. The employees of one department do not have a clue about the information in the rest of the departments. Obviously, that is costly and inefficient and needs to change.

What should happen?

People from various departments of the company should be able to use the company data. Instead what happens in the hectic office environment experts are being lost in the information and data files that are created on a daily basis. While trying to fulfill their daily tasks and fighting to get time for all those additional items that popped out during the work day, employees fail to communicate. Oftentimes, if we are talking big corporations with international offices, it is literally impossible for data-producers to exchange knowledge. At the end of the day, employees order and purchase data that is already available within the company. Official formal meetings to discuss that issue within organizations with up 100 people might be the key. But what if your organization is bigger than that?

Possible solution – SharePoint Library Dashboards

In large organizations information and knowledge sharing is more complicated. One possibility is creating a virtual SharePoint Dashboard Library, a virtual dashboard which provides employees with various level of access to the information. That will allow you to exchange the information across the company while making sure that you do not breach any confidentiality and proprietary agreements.

While compiling all that information is very labor intensive, thus costly and perhaps economically inefficient, there are ways to outsource the collection of the data and the organization and categorization of the files. What companies can do is to provide all the data files to an outside organization and outsource the classifications of those files to someone else.

When you have thousands employees and every department works on its own and it is difficult, if not almost impossible, to make sure that people cross communicate among the various departments. Make sure to create a SharePoint Library Dashboard by outsourcing the data collection and compilation to an outside organization. By doing so you provide access to expensive data to your own employees who might otherwise have not known that this information was there and available for them to use.

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