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By Monica Angelova | 10-Oct-2012

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How to Measure the Direct Relationship Between Competitive Intelligence (CI) and the "Bottom line"

While an entire book can be written on the subject of company function metrics, value-chain analysis and resulting quantitative measures of ROI, this brief article is an introduction to the thought process Competitive Intelligence program managers must understand in order to justify Competitive Intelligence programs efforts through determination of some measurable level of success (metrics) from a program and why they should strive to justify all programs.

This brief introduction will:

1. Serve to create awareness of the importance of understanding interactions between internal business organizations and their relationship to each other

2. Discuss the need for understanding deliverables and the supply chain for various business functions

3. Determine how Competitive Intelligence efforts can be used to accurately create and support the realm of function deliverables and in turn measure the ROI of a CI effort and its contribution to the corporation

4. Introduce the reader, in brief, to how Competitive Intelligence deliverables can be measured in terms of cost avoidance, cost savings, and / or revenue generation

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